Meet the team

Meet the team!

Rik Scholes

Contingent Leader

Rik has been a leader for 15 years, and is currently a Venturer Leader at Baden Powell Park Scout Group in Victoria. He has a passion for adventurous activities especially canoeing, ski-touring and bushwalking.

Rik has been to many Jamborees and Ventures and taken many senior leadership roles at National and International Events – most recently at the 13th New Zealand Venture and the 15th World Scout Rover Moot. He is looking forward to managing a team of Leaders and Youth who will put together a truly amazing international Scouting experience.

Lisa Picking

Deputy Contingent Leader

Lisa has been in Scouting for 12 years, first as a Rover, then as a Venturer Leader. Before that, she was a Guide, but don’t hold that against her! International events have been a huge interest of Lisa’s from her first trip overseas to a Guide camp near Lancaster, UK in 2001. Since then, she’s participated in and supported three New Zealand Moots, worked as Reception Manager at KISC, been Contingent Advisor to the Australian Contingent to KISC in 2016 and now she’s turning her hand to the NZ Venture in 2019! In her spare time (whatever the heck that is!), she’s the State Commissioner – International for Victoria.

Kate Zuiderwyk

Assistant Contingent Leader

Kate was dragged into the family tradition of scouting at the age of 5 and they haven’t been able to get her away since. She is currently a Rover at 1st Austinmer group and always up for giving a helping hand.
Kate had the opportunity to attend 2013 Jamboree and 2016 New Zealand Venture. She enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her camera and getting down and dirty while caving. Kate is looking forward to helping create the most memorable experience for all participants.

Tasman Cocks-Wheaton

Assistant Contingent Leader

Tasman has been seizing every opportunity he can in scouting since 2007.  Attending Ventures in both Australia and New Zealand, Tasman has created many lasting friendships and both Ventures have provided unforgettable experiences. He has a passion for many forms of adventurous activities and is looking forward to sharing these during the upcoming travels. He is now a Rover in North East Victoria and cannot wait to make your international adventure an amazing one.

Hugh Wetherill

Operations Manager

Hugh has been in Scouting since Joeys- now a Rover/ Leader at Baden Powell Park and has loved every minute of it. He has been to Cuborees, Jamborees and a Venture. He went to NZV 2016 and wanted to make sure that more Venturers get an amazing experience like he did, at NZV 2019! Hugh’s previous experience in running events like Anything Goes and Vic Gathering will allow him to ensure that all the behind the scenes operations and logistics run smoothly for NZV 2019. Outside of Scouting, Hugh loves to go scuba diving, swimming, kayaking and does heaps of photography all whilst studying law.

Fiona Flanigan

Admin Manager

Fiona has been a Leader for over 25 years, and in the Venturer section for the past 18 years. Fiona has worked most of her life in finance, payroll and accounts payable and has extensive experience working in other Scouting administration teams. Fiona is currently Venturer Commissioner – Region, Victoria, and the Producer of Strzelecki Showtime.

Sharon Noonan

Welfare Manager

Sharon is an experienced leader from Gippsland, Victoria; she’s so experienced in fact, that this will be her third NZ Venture looking after your welfare and doing first aid. She’s got lots of other welfare experience working as welfare manager for over 10 major events across Australia, and running the welfare/first aid base at Anything Goes every year.

When not at Scouting events, she works as a Welfare Officer/counsellor with youth and has done so for over 15 years.

Sharon loves to have fun and is a keen member of Strzelecki Showtime.

David Langron

Program Manager

Dave has been in Scouts for almost 25 years and is currently a Venturer Leader in Melbourne. He loves canyoning, rock climbing, and pretty much anything that gets him outdoors exploring new places. He has worked as the Assistant Program Director at the Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland and combined with many visits to NZ Scout events, he is well experienced and excited to bring you an unforgettable Pre & Post Tour!

Mike Beadle

Adult Support Manager

Many years ago, Mike was a Cub, then a Scout and became a young Scout Leader in the UK.

In 2002, he became an Aussie and a Cub leader too. He evolved into a Scout Leader, followed by a Venturer Leader and eventually the Group Leader at Baden Powell Park Scout Group in Melbourne.

Mike has attended numerous Cuborees and a couple of Jamborees.  He enjoys kayaking, snow-skiing and travelling the world to see new places and cultures.

Mike is looking forward to working with all our wonderful leaders to make NZV2019 an amazing adventure for everyone.

Libby Davison

Finance Manager

Libby has been in Scouts for just over 25 years and is currently a member of the Australian Scout Fellowship. She has spent two years working in the Pacific, and was involved in Scouting in Fiji and Nauru. She loves the variety and adventure that Scouting offers. Her experience with international contingents, combined with her experience on the national exec means she is a well accomplished Scout Nerd who is looking forward to keeping tabs on the spending to make sure your trip is not only unforgettable, but also affordable!

Leah Gibson

Marketing Manager

Before moving to the dark side and becoming a District Leader, Leah spent almost 10 years as a Venturer Leader in Camberwell, Victoria. She’s been in Scouting almost 25 years from when she first started as a Cub and has been dragged into various Marketing roles along the way, including a few years as Marketing Director at Camberwell Showtime.

When not stuck in Scout meetings, Leah can be found at work where she is the Digital Marketing Coordinator for an education provider, she credits her time in Scouting for helping her to get that job!

Fun fact – Leah’s parents met on Venturer Leader training, so there was no hope she was ever going to escape #scoutlyf

John Reisinger 

IT Manager

John is currently a Cub Leader in at Morwell East in Victoria and has attended the last two Australian Ventures and New Zealand Venture as a line leader and Contingent Team. John has developed an IT system which allows us to manage a range of on and off site activities and it helps us keep track of all of the Venturers as we move from location to location.

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