27th December 2018 – 30th December 2018

The optional Pre Tour will boast adventure galore as the Contingent descends upon Queenstown in the South Island for four days. Known as the adventure capital of the world, you will have an abundance of exciting activities available, showcasing New Zealand’s adventure and beauty. It is an amazing time to meet your fellow Australians before converging on the Venture site.

The pre-tour does have an additional cost, however it’s known to be one of the most exciting aspects of the trip!

As a Unit Leader at Venture you will be responsible for a group of 8 or 9 Venturers. Your unit will be made up of a mixture of Australian and Kiwi Venturers who are all doing the same Phase 1 (Expedition) activity. If you’ve been to an Australian Venture you will find this a bit different in that there are usually 2 leaders and 16-18 Venturers to a unit.

A full list of expeditions can be found here.

There will be an expedition manager who will run the Phase 1 activity, but ultimately you are responsible for the welfare of the Venturers in your unit for the entire Venture. You will camp with your unit for the 12 days and undertake activities with them. The Venture is also designed to give freedom to Venturers, so its expected that Unit Leaders will respect this.

Most expeditions will have a least 2 units doing the same activity so you will have access to another Unit Leader for support, and in the case where there is only one unit at an expedition the Australian Contingent have requested that two leaders be placed into that unit.

During Phase 2 you will be camped as a unit onsite but your Venturers may be off doing activities with other groups or by themselves. This phase is more relaxed and the key is to establish a daily meeting so that you can touch base with your Venturers. Your expedition group may continue to spend time together, or perhaps only see each other at your daily unit meetings. It depends on the dynamic of the group, and both variations are fine.

Leaders applying to be Unit Leaders should be active Venturer Leaders working directly with youth members on a week to week basis.

The 14th New Zealand Venture will have around 500 Australians and 500 Kiwis all joining together for 10 days of adventure, activities and parties. The Venture is split into two sections: Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase One 

31st December 2018 – 5th January 2019 

The expeditions! Keep your eye out for more information coming soon.

Phase Two 

6th January 2019 – 10th January 2019 

After Phase 1 Expeditions are done, everyone returns to the Venture site for Phase 2, where the party really starts! With all 1000+ Ventures back on site, stories are swapped and more friendships are made.

On-site Activities

There will be a range of on-site activities for Phase 2, where you simply rock up and participate. Almost all activities included in the cost of Venture, and those that are not are reasonably priced. Activities in the past have included canoeing, rock-climbing, swimming, arcade games, crate stacking, construction and destruction, chill-out zone (with pool tables and table tennis), challenge valley, paintball, movies, horizontal bungee, aerial wrestling, Rover cafe – the list goes on!

Off-site Activities

As well as all of Phase 2’s on-site inclusions, there will be a range of off-site activities on offer as well. Trips into town to explore Rotorua, or half/full day excursions to try an extra activity (or do one again!) will be available. More details on these activities will come in the following months.

Night Activities

This is a Venture, meaning the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down! The night entertainment is awesome, with DJs, bands, and a variety of themed and secret events to make sure you enjoy every moment!

11th January 2019 – 15th January 2019

After leaving the Venture site, the Australian Contingent will travel to Rotorua and continue exploring New Zealand’s North Island. This will provide a great opportunity to experience the cultural side of New Zealand, as well as many more amazing activities to participate in. We will celebrate our last night in New Zealand with a special dinner with the entire Australian Contingent, before saying goodbye to all our new mates and travelling home the next day.

Note: The Post Stay is included as part of your Contingent fee and is not an optional extra.

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